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About Our Restaurant

Fork & Fire started out when my brothers and I wanted to bring our love for food to the people and bring our style of hospitality to the food truck industry. As our popularity around Tucson and the state grew, so did our scale and eventually, we needed a brick-and-mortar restaurant to serve the demand of great food to our neighbors. Though we are known for our backyard BBQ comfort food, we noticed that our part of town was in need of something a little different. Our “wildfire wings” were very popular on the food truck as was our creative approach to Mac & Cheese and so our spin-off “Fire” brand was born.  Please welcome: Wildfire Wing Company.

Our grandfather was a fire chief and I have always been intrigued by the service of fighting fires. Many of my best friends throughout life have been firefighters and earlier in life, I have been tempted to go into the line of work myself. Alas, my passions for food and hospitality have always prevailed and kept me in the restaurant industry for over half my life.  -Josh Bishop,  Proprietor.

Once in Arizona, wildland fires became a real part of life. Wildfire Wing Company’s theme is an ode to Mother Nature’s process of revitalization in the desert and a nod of respect to the men and women in the line of work dedicated to keeping us safe from the dangerous, yet beautiful phenomenon of nature ablaze.

Each of our 20 wing flavors has been named after a wildland fire, some historic, some recent, some local, some far away. Each had a team of people dedicated to extinguishing it. The use of the fire’s name is in appreciation of those teams of firefighters around the globe. Find your favorite or try a different one each time you visit. Each is unique and our ordering system allows you the freedom to dabble with one or two or get an order or 12. Give your taste buds a chance to experience the Wildfire!


From our Customers

The spinach dip appetizer was awesome, fried pickles and firebombs too. The wedge salad was excellent with the best blue cheese dressing with tender ugly steak. The wings are Hot!!! Will not disappoint. Amazing Mac & Cheese! Thank you to manager Amanda & our server Lucas! Great service & food always brings us back.

Michelle Aguirre

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